AHRDO/ ICTJ Festival of Women Performances

After a comprehensive training of four women and victim organizations on the participatory theatre methodologies, AHRDO held women performances festival, dated 23 / 12 / 2009 at Kabul Medical University Cafeteria, in which three group represented women training participants (56) performed three different plays on different important topics related to domestic violence, poverty and forced marriage and land dispute and warlord commanders in Afghanistan.

They used the participatory theatre as means for rehearsal of realities via analyzing their past, in the context of their present, and motivated the audiences to make / shape their future in accordance with their needs to become the main characters (protagonists) in their own lives and breaking the dependence on hierarchical relationships in the society.

After the performances of three groups, one of the plays (domestic violence play) was selected by all participants to widen the space for further discussion on issues related to women rights and violence , with the objectives of  empowering  themselves, raising  awareness and how to deal with the current women situation in Afghanistan. As a result, most of the participants got the opportunity to share their experiences, knowledge and concrete solutions on the stage.