Theater Festival

TheaterAfter the completion of introductory training on Participatory theater, the theater festival was held by AHRDO at the premises of Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBS/HBF), a German political foundation in June 2009, in collaboration with GTZ and ICTJ, with the objective to have an official closure for the theater training and those organizations that participated.

It was also meant to be an opportunity to present the different theater methodologies to a wider audience and was a chance for the different victim’s groups to make their voices heard in a reasonable public yet secure space.

Including all the AHRDO staffs and other training participants, approximately 100 people attended the festival, with many national and international organizations present, in which five different activities took place at the same time: Four Forum Theater performances, a Playback Theater performance, a performance of the AH 7808 Transitional Justice theater play, a series of theater games and exercises and a “theory wall”, with pictures and documents from the training.

As a result every one expressed their own exciting feeling related to these methodologies.

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