Participatory Theatre Manual Publication

A theater training manual was produced by AHRDO first in English and later translated into Dari by AHRDO staffs, including more than 200 pages. The manual consist of a detailed description of over 130 theater games and exercises, with some additional theoretical sections about the Theater of the Oppressed and Playback Theater as well as a glossary with specific theater terminology.

The manual itself would probably be considered an ongoing process, with new games and exercises as well as additional theory to be added as time progresses.

The manual is produced, with the objective of further empowering performers and trainers to develop the skills, knowledge, confidence and general capacity they need to facilitate the programs regarding participatory theatre methodologies.

In particular, AHRDO is thankful of Hjalmar Jorge Joffre-Eichhorn, ICTJ Theatre Consultant for his generous work to bring this training manual into existence, Mr. Khoshnam for his professional translation into Dari and designing who took a leading role, and Ms. Geety Natiq for some beautiful initial illustration.