‘From I through We to Community’ at Kabul High Schools


From I through We to Community was screened for high school students at Habibia High School in Kabul on Tuesday, May 10, 2016. More than 200 students watched the documentary inside the school’s library hall.


a student at 11th grade, said: “Unfortunately, instead of respect and interact we are taught distrust and fear from other ethnic groups both in the family and to, some extent, in primary schools. It becomes very difficult to find friends from other ethnic groups at high school. This documentary shows the easiest way of building trust and friendship.” What is that? He replies: “Talking to each other, visiting each other’s home and sharing each other’s meal.”Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization (AHRDO) screens the documentary at different high schools and universities across the country to address ethnic conflict in Afghanistan at the grassroots level.

At the end of the screening all students voiced aloud that they will not behave based on their past misconceptions, misperceptions and common stereotypes with individuals other than their own ethnic group after this.

The documentary was premiered on April 28th, 2016 at Babur Gardens and will be screened in different places in Kabul, Bamyan, Herat, Kandahar and Balkh in coming days.

From I through We to Community aims to address the missing social trust and capital link- the social liquids and bonds that tie individual, groups and communities together, and that constitute the fundamental assets for peace, unity, ethnic integration and ultimately nation-building in Afghanistan. It shows how selected young Afghan women and men from four ethno-cultural communities come together to focus on building ties, trust and social capital at the inter-community levels. Through mutual visits consisting of a variety of complementary activities, they address the most salient misconceptions, misperceptions, and misinformation and stereotyping currently leading to the dehumanization of the ethnic “other”. It finally exposes how they overcome their own misperceptions and stereotyping in order to become the messengers of peaceful co-existence, ethnic and cultural tolerance in Afghanistan.

The production and screening of From I through We to Community is a component of the project From I through to Community: Addressing Ethnic Conflict in Afghanistan at the grassroots Level which is supported by medico international and funded by Federal Foreign Office, Germany.