The Story of Rahmatullah (Father)

Victim’s Name: Azizullah

Date of Incident: July 23, 2016

Place of Incident: Dehmazang Square, Kabul

Azizullah was born in 1998 in Kabul. He started his school in DehDana area of Kabul and was about to graduate from Mihrabuddin High School in Chehilstoon area. He was interested in completing his high school abroad but I always advised him to stay and continue university education in Afghanistan so he could be with me. He argued that universities in Afghanistan lack global recognition and that he wanted to study somewhere better than Afghanistan.

Then one day, on July 23, his classmates called and asked him to join the protest in Dehmazang. They asked him to not let them be alone in the fight for equal rights and access to equal development for all Afghans. Since his school was off, he joined the protest but never returned. We found his body in the hospital. He had a caring, friendly, and outgoing personality and never wanted his friends and family to be upset with him

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