The Story of Basbibi (Wife)

Victim’s Name: Sayed Shah Mohammad Hussain

Date of Incident: 1993

Place of Incident: Pule-Sokhta, Kabul

My name is Bas Bibi. I am from Bamsarai village in Bamyan but am currently living in Chehil-Dokhtaran area of Dasht-e-Barchi. I lost my husband, Sayed Shah Mohammad Hussain, during the Civil War in a rivalry between different Mujahedeen groups in Pul-i-Sokhta area of Kabul. I do not remember the exact date as I am uneducated.

He was a just daily worker and had left early morning for work but never returned. He was killed while working. We waited for him for almost two days. The next day, people brought his body and buried him. I could not see his body, but people said the shrapnel of a rocket that hit close to him had killed him instantly. He was soaked in blood. There were wounds on his body and his lifeless body had remained on the road for the entire night. We never found out which group or party had killed him.

After his death, we suffered a lot. On the one hand, I had lost my husband and on the other hand, we had lost our only supporter and protector. Then, I had to work in other peoples’ homes to feed my children. Now that I am old, it is worse as I cannot work anymore. My oldest son is only fifteen and the younger one is paralyzed and cannot move his hands and legs. The suffering and hardships continue.

I added his belongings to the Memory Box to keep his memory alive and to let other people know that we can never forgive those who kill innocent people no matter what excuse they bring up. My children and I have suffered ever since my husband was killed. Which one of rival groups has an answer to the grief and difficulties we have gone through these long years?

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