The Story of Afghani (wife)

Victim’s Name: Allah Mohammad

Place of Incident: Puli Charkhi

Date of Incicent: 1978

“My husband Allah Mohammad and I moved from Shamali to Kabul in 1978. The violence in the aftermath of the 1978 Saur Revolution [a coup by the communist People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan] has forever ruined my life. Before the coup, I lived a happy life with my husband. I was proud of him, as he was an educated and intellectual person.

One day in the Fall of 1978, Allah Mohammad was arrested, together with one of his friends. I was only 20 years old when he disappeared.

My mother-in law tried to find him. She went to Sadarat (PDPA detention center), where she was informed that her son was imprisoned in Puli Charkhi (the central prison). In Puli Charkhi, she was told that her son was no longer detained there, and that she should pray for his soul. My mother-in-law returned back home in tears.

Later on, some of the political prisoners were released, but he was not among them. This is when we let go of the hope that he may still be alive. As the regime was closely scrutinizing my every move, I ran away with my two small children to Peshawar. But life was hard there, so I eventually decided to move back to Afghanistan.

I began working in a grape field, in order to be able to feed my children. Twelve years later, a commander in the area forced me to marry him. Two years after, my second husband was also killed. I now have a 19-year old son from my second marriage.

After Allah Mohammad disappeared, my life was completely ruined. Among the few things left from him is his picture, his only book, his camera and few other objects. His camera and book are very special to me because they remind me of our beautiful time together. I included these important objects in my Memory Box so that my husband’s memory remains alive. I hope that these objects will help people to distinguish between those who are open-minded and progressive, and those of who are murderers and killers.”

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