The Story of Arif Mohammadi (Brother)

– Victim’s Name: Hanif Mohammadi

– Date of Incident: 23 July 2016

– Place of Incident: Dehmazang Square, Kabul

“The night before the July 23 rally, my brother Hanif came to my room and asked if I could help him with his assignment. We were living in the same university hostel. I helped him typing up his assignment. It took us the whole night to type, format and design the assignment that he was supposed to present in a seminar the next day.

The next day, 23 July 2016, the Enlightening Movement organized its second biggest demonstration in Kabul. I thought that Hanif would not attend the protest as he would be busy with the seminar. My friends and I joined the demonstrations. At 11AM, I returned back to the hostel with some friends. We stopped for lunch at the university café. It was then that a friend of mine called and said that a huge blast happened among the protesters in Dehmazang square. I never thought Hanif would have participated in the protest. But still, I called him to check in, but he did not answer his phone. I went to his room but he was not there either. I met one of his roommates in front of the hostel and asked him if he knew where Hanif was. He told Hanif had left his room to attend the demonstration.

I was anxious and concerned. I called everyone I knew but no one answered my phone calls. I kept calling Hanif but still no answer. I started looking for him in different hospitals where the wounded and dead were taken. One of my friends suggested to go to the Ali Abad Hospital.

As I got to the hospital, I didn’t know where to go and whom to ask. I dialed his number again. Someone answered his phone this time and told me to come inside the hospital. Police and security forces were everywhere. A security guard prevented me from entering the hospital. After I insisted, he allowed me to go in. I went to the Emergency Section, dozens of wounded were there but I couldn’t find Hanif among them. A nurse suggested to go to the morgue and search there. I don’t know how I got there. Dozens of dead bodies were lying on the floor. I checked the dead bodies one by one until I found Hanif among them. Unlike many killed by shrapnel, Hanif

was killed by bullets. Two bullets stopped his heart forever.”

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