The Story of Farida (Sister)

– Victim’s Name: Qudratullah

– Place of Incident: Kabul

– Date of Incident: 1989

“My name is Farida. I am 40 years old and I live in the Chehil Sutun area of Kabul. I lost my brother Qudratullah, 18 years of age, in 1989. He was killed during the fighting between the forces of Dr. Najibullah (the last Communist President) and the Mujahidin. My second brother Hayatullah was severely injured during the war and was left handicapped forever.

The death of Qudratullah had a deep impact on my father. He was already old but the death of his young son further shattered his body and soul. Unlike my mother, who cried out her pain, my father kept it inside. Soon, he passed away. My mother cried and mourned almost every day. She could not accept that Qudratullah was gone and that he would never come back. The endless crying blurred her vision. The world had come to an end for her and nothing would ever change it.

After heavy fighting broke out in the capital, Kabul, we were displaced to the Logar province where we lived in a tent for a while. We then migrated to Iran and stayed there until the Taliban regime was overthrown in 2001. We finally returned home, but today, after years of suffering, displacement and homelessness, the horrors of war continue to cast a huge and disturbing shadow over us.

I placed the memories of my loved ones in this box to be preserved and respected. Their memories should serve as a lesson to others.”

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