The Story of Habib Wali (Brother)

– Victims’ Names: Rahilah, Tamana & Tabasum

– Place of Incident: Shah Shahid, Kabul

– Date of Incident: 06 August 2015

“On the 6th of August 2015, around 01:15AM, a lorry filled with explosives detonated, causing a massive explosion that shook the entire Shah Shahid neighborhood in the south east of Kabul. Homes and shops bore the brunt of a blast that left a huge crater. Civilian casualties were massive. Many were wounded by glass flying from shattered windows. Everyone was sleeping when it happened.

My family members were sleeping in different rooms. My mother and my two younger sisters were killed instantly when our neighbor’s three-stories house collapsed on our small home. It completely destroyed the room they were sleeping in. We carried them out and tried to save them, but it was too late. My sisters were 16 and 11 years old, my mother was only 38.

My father and elder brother were away on a trip. I was the only one who survived that night. I still can’t forget that horrific moment. 15 were killed and 283 injured in this single incident. This includes four women killed, and 70 women injured, as well as 33 children (22 boys and 11 girls). There were no non-civilian casualties.

For us, it was not the end of the story. When we were out there with our relatives to hold a mourning ceremony for my mother and sisters, thieves entered our home and stole all what was left. We went to the police and to all other responsible authorities, but no one even tried to investigate and find the thieves. Let alone those responsible for the massacre.”

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