The Story of Zabehulla (Fother)

– Victim’s Name: Mohammad Fiasal

– Place of Incident: Shah Shahid, Kabul

– Date of Incident: 5 March 2015

“My son Faisal, 16 years of age, was studying at the Sirat High School. Next to studying, he was working as an assistant in a Pharmacy Shop close to our home in the Shah Shaheed area. When I lost my eye-sight and, as a result, my job with the government, Faisal had to work to support the family.

I used to work with the Afghan security forces as an officer and was earning 15000 Afghani per month ($250). I lost one of my arms in the line of duty. Losing my eye-sight meant the end of my professional career. I retired and was paid only 40,000 ($550) Afghani as pension. Faisal’s salary was 3000 Afghani ($45) per month, and we had to live on that little amount of money. Although we were living a hard life, it was bearable. Everything changed for our family when, on the 30th of March 2015, a huge explosion happened in Shah Shahid. I lost my son in the explosion and my nephew Ahmadullah, who was 15 years old. Like my son, he was also working after school to financially assist his mother and his only sister. Ahmadullah lost his father in a suicide attack in 2013.

Just like every other day, Faisal and Ahmadullah went to the pharmacy after school to work. It was around 6PM when I heard a loud explosion. We were told that the explosion happened near the pharmacy. I called the doctor with whom my son and nephew were working but he did not answer my calls. His mother and I rushed to the area but the security forces did not allow us to enter the explosion site. We finally went to the pharmacy and found our son among the rubbles and smokes. We then searched for Ahmadullah. He was alive when we found him but he was critically injured. We took him to the hospital. He died there after an hour.

Faisal was my only hope. Since I lost him, I lost my aspiration and desire for life. Now, I am struggling with mental disorder and trauma. I asked the government for help, but they said your son and nephew were under age and that they cannot help us. No one was brought to justice for this massacre. No one from the government came to our homes even for condolence. Faisal, despite being young, was our only breadwinner. Now with my little annual pension, which I receive with great difficulty, we have to feed a family of six members. We may tolerate extreme poverty but we will not stand negligence and injustice.”

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