From Transitional Justice to Transformative Justice: Research Findings of Bottom-up Perceptions

Transitional justice has traditionally focused mainly on addressing civil and political rights via its various mechanisms, such as truth commissions and trials. Consequently, socio-economic rights have been sidelined in the process. Many scholars of transitional justice, however, during the past decade have been critical of this one sided approach. As a result, the emerging notion of transformative justice is increasingly gaining momentum in under-developed conflict/post-conflict contexts. This presentation will discuss findings of a PhD research project, which was conducted among war victims and local experts in Kabul in 2013-2014. Relying on perception gathered in more than 100 interviews with individuals and groups, the research concludes that a transformative justice framework could serve as a precondition in the context of Afghanistan to a full-fledged transitional justice process.

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