The Story of Khairunnesa (mother)

Victim’s Name: Mohammad Juma
Date of Incident: July 23, 2018
Place of Incident: Dehmazang Square, Kabul

Mohammad Juma was only 26 years old when he was killed. He had studied for high school in Jaghori and had started studying in Gawharshad University in Kabul. He had to go to Iran and had worked there for five months with his brother before returning to Kabul. He was an active and compassionate man. During the suicide attack in Shah-e-Shahid area of Kabul, he had done his best to help the affected.
The night before July 23rd, Juma had asked his sister to make dinner for his friends who he had invited to his home and encouraged to actively participate in the protest launched by the Enlightenment Movement. He even put a few water bottles in the refrigerator in preparation for the next day’s heat. In the morning, he took the water bottles in his bag and left with his brother who still recalls how Juma would joke about all the water bottles being in his bag and that he had to find his own water somewhere else. During the protest, Juma receives a call, so he left his group of friends to answer the call. That was the moment the suicide bomber detonated explosives among the protestors.
Hearing the news, his other brother recalls how he had repeatedly called all his three cell phone numbers but had never received an answer. They had instantly left for Kabul reaching the city at 08:00 PM but it was too late. Juma was no longer alive. He talks about how he would never be able to forgive himself as he was not with him during his last days. Juma had once showed pictures of Jaghori and Malistan that he had visited with friends during Eid-ul-Fitr and told his brother that it was his turn to visit family and relatives and relax for a while.
Anguished, he says, “I still cannot believe he is dead. I feel broken whenever I remember him and how he left all his dreams unrealized.” He talks about how young, passionate, and hardworking Juma was and how he had recently started a private work/business and hired a few people so they could make a living. He says, “I have decided to add his belongings to the Memory Box so everyone knows what this mindless war and extremism brings upon our bright and educated sons.”

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