The Story of Makhdoma (sister)

Victim’s Name: Abdul Latif
Date of Incident: September 9, 1992
Place of Incident: Samkanai District, Khost Provinc

Abdul Latif was a kind and hardworking young man and he had only two dreams, first to continue his studies and second to help us, especially my father in providing a better livelihood for the family. We had a difficult life, but Abdul Latif was considered our family’s hope for a brighter future. His promises of a better future after graduation from the engineering faculty always excited my parents. He also encouraged our siblings to continue their studies because that was the only way to a better future. He himself always wanted to be an engineer but was not made to realize his dreams.
Abdul Latif was in ninth grade when he was called for military service during Dr. Najibullah’s rule. He tried to escape many times but failed. After completing his training, he was sent to the frontline. The last time he fought was in ta battle between the Mujahideen and the government in Khost Province. A rocket hit their trench during the operation killing and injuring many soldiers. My brother lost his life due to severe head injuries. He was only 22 years old. His death changed everything, but it affected my parents the most. With him, we lost all our hope. My mother lost her sight and grief replaced her happiness until she passed away a few months later.
When Dr. Najibullah’s government collapsed, the Civil War between the Mujahideen groups intensified in Kabul. A rocket hit and destroyed our only home. We lost every single thing we had and had to run for our lives. During the Taliban rule, our only goal was to survive so we left the country in despair and disappointment. Living in refugee camp was no better than the ruins of Kabul but we had to bear it to stay alive.
Before joining the military, Abdul Latif assisted my father and provided half of the little income we had. After him, my father protected and supported us until he married us all off. He is now alone, suffering in pain and grief of losing both my brother and my mother. We cannot do anything to heal his grief and remove his sorrows. I just wish this war comes to an end and no other father has to ever bury his loved ones and end up alone.

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