The Story of Mina Gul (wife)

Victims’ Name: Nisaruddin and Naqibullah
Date of Incident: May 3, 1992 and June 26, 2003
Place of Incident: District 7, Kabul

I married Nisaruddin during Dr. Najibullah’s rule. We lived a happy life until the Mujahideen captured Kabul in late April 1992. On May 3, 1992, just five days after the Mujahideen’s victory over the Communist Regime, my husband and his two brothers were gunned down by the Mujahideen in the Chihilstoon area. I bore his loss, until the Mujahideen was ousted and the Taliban took power.
During the Taliban era, I married Naqibullah, my late husband’s younger brother. He was our only breadwinner and used to provide for the family by driving a taxi. Unfortunately, a few years later in June 2003, I lost him too. A few armed men had gotten into his taxi, taken him to district 7 of Kabul, and then after killing him had stolen his car. A day later, we received his body and to this day we do not know who killed him.
Now I am alone with my four girls that I have to protect and look after. I do whatever I can to make a living. I work as a tailor, carpet weaver and cleaner to diversify my little earnings. But I am widow in a rude, violent, and patriarchal society and have to suffer all types of pains and problems in order to protect my children.
I added both their remaining belongings to the Memory Box to let everyone know how war could wipe out our loved ones one after the other, without mercy or any hesitation. What still overwhelms me is the continuation of war and violence. When I get out of my house every day, I am not sure if I will return alive in the evening. It is the same when my girls go to school, the bazaar or simply visit family.

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