The Story of Nabila (wife)

Victim’s Name: Sayed Abedin
Dte of event: April 2018
Place of Incident: Shashdarak, Kabul

On April 1, 2018, I lost my 58-year-old husband. It happened just a few weeks after he had been recruited as a driver for the Afghanistan National Radio and Television. On the day of the incident, my daughter and I were at home. In the morning, I called him many times, but he did not pick up his phone. I switched the T.V. on and found that a suicide attack had happened in Shashdarak area. I was worried so I called him again. Everyone in the family kept calling him but no one picked until his brother called us from Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital and informed us that Abedin had been killed in the suicide attack.
I will never be able to forget that day. Everyone amoung the family and relatives gathered for the funeral and shared their condolences. Abedin was buried in Kolangar Village of Logar Province where he was born.
As a young man, he had finished his school but was unable to attend university due to poverty and lack of support. I was only 18 years old when we got married. Abedin was kind and caring. We loved each other and we lived together for 15 years, a time made of a lot of good memories, and we have a daughter together, Hasana, who is now studying in third grade at school. Hasana cried for three months asking for her father.
His death took our happiness away. Without him is hard, as I did not just lose my husband but also lost our only breadwinner. I went through difficult times and faced numerous problems. We were living in Khair Khanna when he was alive but had to move to Chehil Sutun to live with my uncle’s family. I had to work to support my only daughter.
According to our traditions, I had to givemy husband’s belongings to charity. I added the very few remaining objects to the Memory Box to keep his memories alive. There is no law to punish those who kill innocents. I only pray to God to do justice and punish them for their crimes.

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