The Story of Nikbakht (mother)

Victims’ Names: Ramazan and Hamid
Date of Incident: 1992
Place of Incident: Kote-Sangi and Dehmazang, Kabul

My name is Nik Bakht and I am almost 60 years old. I am originally from Bamiyan but have been living in Kabul for a long time. Our life was good before the war but then I lost two sons. My older son, Ramazan was killed in Kote-Sangi even though I do not know how. A bullet was stuck in his head and his eyes had bulged out. Just a month after his murder, Abdul Hamid who was only two years younger was killed in Dehmazang. It was during the holy month of Ramadan when Abdul Hamid had gone to buy bread but was shot. We did not know until it was too late. He had been alive when he was taken to the hospital and only when he had died and his body was brought to the local mosque, where we informed of his death.
During the war, everyone we knew had fled the city and we were asked to take care of people’s homes. However, the bullets were coming from all sides and we were unable to go anywhere. My husband used to work as a porter and it was extremely hard for us to make ends meet. Today, it is even more challenging as my husband can no longer work. He suffers from psychological problems and keeps talking to himself. Of course, I am
not very stable either. I feel completely shattered and abandoned. I suffer a great deal because of their deaths. If they were alive today, I would have had many grandchildren. In fact, my elder son had just gotten engaged and we were preparing everything for his marriage when he was killed. The wedding never happened.
There are very few things left from my sons which are very dear to me as they remind me of them. I am adding them to the Memory Box to make my sons’ memories last. I want to keep them until the day I can finally ask the perpetrators for the reason they killed my innocent sons.

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