The Story of Shakila

Victim’s Name: Taher
Date of Incident: 2010
Place of Incident: Maidwan Wardak

My husband was shot dead five years ago during the Karzai’s government. He couldn’t work alone due to a sickness, so he had decided to work with his cousin in the Province of Ghazni Province. On the way, their vehicle was attacked by the Taliban in Maidan Wardak and he was shot in the head. When they brought his body, I could not bring myself to see his face. I only saw his blood-soaked coffin.
He was a daily labourer so he somehow managed to relieve me of the breadwinning burden. Once he was gone, I had to bear all the sadness and misery of life as well as make a living for my three children who were just three, one year old and last was born after his father was martyred.
We are currently living in an old rented house; it scares me but there is nothing I can do about it. I have suffered worse in my life. I lost my father and my younger brother when I was just a teenager. When I got married, I lost my father and brothers-in-law during Dr. Najibullah’s rule. I do not know whom I should tell about the loss of my loved ones and ask for help. We are living in severe poverty but no one has ever asked about our living condition even though it is unrealistic to expect any help for the widows or orphans in this society.

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