Violence is experienced by many people first hand. While some of these people are later allowed to serve as witnesses through memorialization, many are not. Often, those excluded encompass whole categories of people: victims, perpetrators, soldiers, women, etc. Who is allowed to serve as a witness during memorialization often depends on a range of factors, such as timing and context. But the very definition of a witness also shapes what outcomes are possible from memorialization. This article Read more

This video shows footage of a public event in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul organized by AHRDO in commemoration of National Victims Day. During the event, two different artistic, victims-led processes merged in order to acknowledge the untold suffering of countless Afghan men and women who have lost members of their family during the past, almost 40 years of uninterrupted conflict: Memory Boxes and Infinite Incompleteness, Read more

Exhibition to commemorate victims of past wars held in Kabul, Afghanistan Read More

After more than 30 years of war, Afghanistan is a country synonymous with suffering, its people facing a crippled economy and infrastructure as well as bereavement on an unimaginable scale. Read more

The Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization  (AHRDO) is an independent not-for-profit organization established in early 2009. The working mandate is to promote fundamental human rights values and democratic principles in Afghanistan. AHRDO has adopted unorthodox methodologies to contribute to the internalization and expansion of the key human rights and democratic concepts. These methodologies are centered on arts-based, participatory, and bottom-up approaches at the grassroots levels, Read More

Infinite Incompleteness: A Documentary Theatre Play
The Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization (AHRDO)

January 2014, Vol. 36, No. 1 (PAJ106), Pages 94-112

Posted Online December 20, 2013.
© 2014 AHRDO, Read More

If Afghanistan is to move forward, its people will have to shed their fear. Motivated by this idea, Hadi Marifat has embraced the power of the arts to transform his country.

Marifat was seven years old when fled home to escape the Afghan civil war. For 16 years he remained a refugee in Pakistan while across the border, the Taliban reigned. He returned in 2002 to an Afghanistan which had changed beyond recognition during his absence. Read More

In the past three decades, Afghanistan’s people have endured the devastating impact of violence through foreign invasion, civil war, and insurgency. Though the volatile political situation in the country is a hot-button issue of international prominence, victims of the conflict have largely been excluded from the war discourse. Read More

PEN World Voices: International Play Festival 2015: Hadi Marifat & Hjalmar Joffre-Eichhorn – Infinite Incompleteness Read More more 

In “Infinite Incompleteness”, the tale of Butimar-e Kabul is interwoven with nine other stories of the victims of Afghanistan’s 30-year conflict. It was presented by the Afghan Human Rights and Democracy Organisation (AHRDO) in the first-ever U.S. performance held Saturday at the American University’s Kay Spiritual Life Center in Washington. Read More