AHRDO has focused its work to reinforce and consolidate the democratic processes through a number of innovative engagements. In 2011, AHRDO introduced the methodology called “Legislative Theatre” to Afghanistan, to encourage/foster the participation of local communities in legislative processes. The project involved informing the local communities about post-Taliban legislative developments, canvassing local perspectives/understandings/concerns on the legislative gaps and priorities as well as communicating (channeling them back) them to Afghanistan’s National Assembly. Since then, the methodology has been used in several projects to help empower, mobilize and organize local communities and ordinary citizens to realize/exercise/engage with their democratic rights. It was also in the broader context of the democratic consolidation defined as a priority area that AHRDO established numerous War Victims Councils in 2012 in the different provinces to help the war victims organize themselves into networks, aggregate/voice their demands and deliver them to state and non-state actors.