Peace & Conflict Resolution

Ethnic conflict plunged Afghanistan into a full-fledged civil war in 1990s. Ethnic tensions continued to persist in post-Taliban environment and has flared up in the past few years. Misperceptions, disconnectedness and lack of inter-ethnic contacts through inter-marriage, joint business ventures, family visits and travels, have cumulatively facilitated outbreak of ethnic violence in Afghanistan. In 2015-16, AHRDO undertook the initiative: “From I through We to Community”, to de-escalate tensions between ethnic communities and help build up a more sustainable peace among ethnic groups at the grassroots levels. In 2012, AHRDO, initiated the project of Afghan Women Young Leaders, creating a network of Afghan girls and providing them with leadership training as part of its broader civil society development intervention. In 2017, AHRDO produced an Action Plan for the Afghan Civil Society, attempting to structure its collaboration with the International Criminal Court to help it investigate the post 2003 crimes in Afghanistan.